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Sell ~
You get peace of mind and top resale dollar! Our national professional marketing expertise assures you that ALL your assets reach Three Times the Buying Audience of any other sale methodology, at One Third Less Cost, yielding Immediate Sales Activity and up to 20%-60% Higher Results for you!!

You get free time to focus on other things! Our efficient sales process combines the power of our innovative Ebay-like On-Line Technology, with traditional live preview, and the price increasing power of competitive bidding!

Appraise ~
You get fair and impartial knowledge of asset value based on the correct appraisal function and purpose, provided in a written report form that complies with IRS, USPAP and Appraisal Foundation standards. This information readily answers any questions of value, and assures fiduciary responsibilities are met.

We are an independent party specifically trained, tested and certified in proper appraisal techniques! Seeking the opinion of investors, agents, dealers and other biased parties can result in unreliable or highly risky information.

Sell ~
Our process has proven vastly superior to any other estate disbursal method you might consider, including estate sales, yard sales, consignment shops, live or gallery auctions, Ebay, classified advertising, calling dealers or doing-it-yourself. We also help eliminate any need for boxing, packing, moving or shipping efforts on your part! Using Appraise Sell as your as your sales advocate also eliminates the built-in conflicts of interest of any biased party you might speak with directly, whose inescapable job it is to buy from you as cheaply as they can.

Appraise ~
Our quick, efficient process provides you the asset value knowledge you need for equitable distribution among family and heirs, while protecting you in your fiduciary capacity.

If you or anyone you know is in an estate or senior-life-changing situation, call us before making any moves! Our knowledge will save you time AND money!

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Sell ~
Business asset disbursal can be a highly time consuming activtiy. Using Appraise Sell as your sales advocate allows you to refocus your valuable time on more important business matters. Additionally, our process is vastly superior to other disbursal methods you might consider, including calling dealers, liquidators, holding employee sales, live/gallery auctions, Ebay, classified advertising, or doing-it-yourself, and avoids built-in conflicts of interest of other biased parties who are trying to buy from you as cheaply as they can.

Appraise ~
Our vast experience in appraising business assets of all kinds assures you whatever business purpose you may have for value knowledge, we can quickly and efficiently provide you with the information you need.

Feel free to call upon us to answer any questions you may have. We also work directly with attorneys, CPA's, banks, creditors, and business brokers and are happy to answer those questions as well.

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Sell ~
The real estate auction marketing program generates more activity on your property in a few weeks, than months of conventional real estate marketing can provide, because of it's highly focused, concentrated nature. We gather all interested buyers in the marketplace at your door, instilling a competitive environment rising to the highest possible price.

Appraise ~
Pre-sale, we help owners and realtors arrive at an independent, unbiased effective price decision, thereby elminating an important obstacle between you and success! Post-sale, we help provide the reporting and market documentation needed by lender and underwriter.

You may call us directly, or have your agent contact us, as we also work on a cooperative basis with all real estate brokers/agents.

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Define asset value using a USPAP Certified Appraiser who applies the correct value for the proper reason!
Achieve true fair market value with a professional marketing campaign by licensed bonded agents who are representing YOUR- best interest.